Design Collection


“Daily objects become the medium. Antique furniture pieces become the starting point to tell my story”

The Luxury Vintage Ties Design Collection was born in 2014. It was conceived as a way of recycling antique seats reinterpreted through painting and lining with vintage silk ties. Each piece originates from a unique combination of materials, feelings and thoughts, and has its own story to tell. The ties which cover the seats are chosen according to where they come from: who wore them, who produced them, who collected them… The aim is to preserve and pass on memories.


The ties belong to people with similar characteristics, same star sign, name, year of birth. These characteristics, taking the shape of the energy present in my works, create an alchemy that generates a object that is both new and with a history, an identity and a presence


“The ultimate symbol of masculinity, the Tie is reinterpreted in a playful way: thus losing its connotation of stifness it surrenders to the sofness of its fabric to become the new skin of my creations”

Born in 2016, the Luxury Contemporary Ties Design Collection combines diverse and at time contrasting elements into unique furnishing objects designed by Sole Rodriguez.


Shapes, materials and emotions mix and blend into a poetic materiality, almost as if they tried to narrates the endless hues of existence.


An existence whose contrasting elements are at times concealed in the very essence of the material employed: metal can be ‘structured’ but can also be ‘light’. The Tie, a fashion item that epitomises masculine elegance in society, is reinterpreted playfully.